Life Will Intervene

I was prepped to be tired today from last night’s festivities, but then got a curve ball thrown at me.  Some major family drama occurred during the fall and I have since separated from all things and people who are involved.  Those people were arriving at my house in an hour and I hadn’t showered … More Life Will Intervene


Working at home provides its own challenges. All of those little things that you put off suddenly become very important. I decided last night that I would take on those little things to provide a positive work environment for myself today. The bathroom was cleaned, eye brows tweezed, upper lip naired, and those makeup brushes … More Miscommunication

Why am I Blogging

I have never been one to document my life, but I am at that major turning point that I think many people my age, as well as others are going through and maybe, just maybe this will give hope. So let’s start from the beginning. I’m Jamey, a 25 year old female who has a … More Why am I Blogging