Why am I Blogging

I have never been one to document my life, but I am at that major turning point that I think many people my age, as well as others are going through and maybe, just maybe this will give hope. So let’s start from the beginning.

I’m Jamey, a 25 year old female who has a BA in Psychology and is instead pursuing a life in art. I started dating my boyfriend when I realized I wanted to do makeup, but makeup school was expensive and I was working long hours at a waxing salon. He knew my love of horror movies and makeup and wanted to take me to Monsterpalooza, a convention for all things horror, makeup and prosthetics. While we were there, EI a well known makeup school had a drawing for scholarships. I entered and won! That was the first of the many positives he’s brought into my life.  He owned his own 3D printing company for the past year and got to sculpt and create everyday, but it was just him and he was way behind on projects. He realized he needed help in scheduling and wanted to bring me on board so I could quit my tiring job.  A couple weeks into that he had me do a test paint job and that was that! My life as an artist had been set.

Although makeup school wasn’t the place for me; I bought books, plenty of makeup, test it on myself, my best friend, and even my boyfriend. I’m still pushing through and learning on the makeup side of my life, it is just at a slower pace than anticipated and that is fine with me.

Now to where the major turning point is. The investor of our little company is struggling to pay us monthly. I have found a second job babysitting 2 cute little boys, my boyfriend is doing freelance work, and luckily my best friend had her other job still. This has put a major hold on all of our projects. So we are working on a kickstarter. For those of you who are like me and have no idea what kickstarter is, I will explain.  Kickstarter is a funding website where you pitch an idea and have rewards tiers where people can choose to fund you. Seems simple, but there is so much work going into it that there have been many tears and bickering going on in our house.  However, we are pushing through and this is where the blog comes in.  With everything I have going that could make me want to give up and go get a 9-5 job, I am pushing through and putting in the extra hours. Happiness is worth all the work.  This blog will show what I work on each day, the kickstarter process and hopefully success, the many endeavors I get myself into and daily life of working and living with my boyfriend.


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