Busy Busy

Life has been a bit crazy with all of us girls getting stomach bugs, my love has started a new job, and we’re all adjusting.  Through all of this, we have made it to 9 months! For those of you with twins, you know what an accomplishment this is. I can’t believe how much they have grown just in the past months. They have started to play on their own and laugh with eachother.  They’re both walking while holding onto the couch.  My adventurous Freya has begun climbing on things.  

I still have breakdowns. Especially with this new transition of Adler having a regular job on top of his other things.  The learning process of balancing daily routines with just me and the girls is a challenge and has been ending up in frustration most of the time, but as long as they have naps and full bellies, the day usually goes by pretty well.  If only they would nap on their own once and a while, I can get back to what I want to write on here.
Until then…


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