what you actually need (and don’t need) for twins

Nothing frustrates me more than going through the girls things to get rid of things they used a couple of times, or worse, not at all.  Before any baby arrives, you think you need tons of items and some just because they’re cute. When you have twins, budgets are everything (unless you’re Beyonce).  For us, we are living off of one salary in Southern California. We need all the savings we can get. I’ve compiled a list of necessities with what to splurge on and where you can save big time!

1. A Great Stroller: Here is where you want to splurge. You are gonna use it for quite some time and you want something as hassle-free as possible.  We have the City Select Double Jogger. The bassinets convert to seats which is great for long term and theres videos on Youtube to help you out.  You can have the seats sit in various directions that work best for you. The best thing is that it folds and unfolds easily to fit in your car!
2. Convertible Carseats: The carriers are nice, but they wont last you long. We went with a carseat that will go from newborn until they dont need a carseat anymore. Look for great deals on Amazon or check Babies R Us regularly.

3. Ergo and Baby Wrap: We had 2 body carriers. The wraps were best when they were newborns. We had the Boba Wrap and they can be used up to 30 lbs. (Target and Amazon).  Ergos are definitely a necessity. Easier on your back and quicker to put on. We found a great deal on Ebay, basically 2 for the price of 1. Just be wary of fake ones. You want your baby safe.

4. Convertible Crib: Although the girls co-sleep with us majority of the time, the cribs can be a lifesaver. Ours convert to both a toddler bed and full size. We monitored Babies R Us a scored a great deal. Side Note: If having multiples, you can receive a multiples discount on large items from Babies R Us. Just ask for it.

5. Seats: Currently we do not use high chairs, but instead have the Mamas and Papas chairs. They’re small, portable, and best of all cheaper.

6. Bottles: Obviously, but get a lot. The last thing you want to do is wash bottles throughout the day. Get enough to feed your little ones through the day. Our girls had gas problems, so Dr. Browns worked best for us.

7. Diapers: For picky people, like myself… I stick to Pampers. Twins go through an insane amount of diapers, so you need to stock up on the biggest boxes possible. You can seriously save on Amazon.
There are many other things babies need, but for essentials, I think I pretty much covered it.  Feel free to add in the comments what any life savers for your babies were.

Happy Shopping!


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