First Overnight with Twins

It’s Comic Con weekend! For us it is very important to attend so Adler can network with others in the industry. Unfortunately for him, I hate conventions. They have very cool booths and it’s great to meet with fellow artists, however there are wayyyyyy too many people and these people are sweaty and smelly.  I do not enjoy being bumped into by all angles and waiting in lines all day just to talk to someone.  There was no way these girls were going to a convention the size of Comic Con.

Lucky for us, my favorite person in the world lives down in San Diego. So we planned to stay there for the weekend with her family.  I have been nervous for an overnight and to be honest I wasn’t really ready for one, but it had to be done. Thankfully, they have 3 children so they were prepared for us and I didn’t feel like a burden with them.

With twins, going anywhere is an event.  Schedules are everything and trying to fit where you’re going in between naps and feedings can be a challenge.  A weekend away is a whole different ballgame.  You are completely out of your element.  I tried to stick to our schedule as much as possible; wake up time, walks, feedings, bathtime, etc.  No matter how hard I tried, we weren’t at home and they knew it.  The house is much larger than our apartment and they wanted to roam everywhere and get into everything. I barely had a chance to sit down with one baby going one direction and the other in the opposite. At home, I have them confined to a safe area with all of their things. On top of that, they were so excited about everything and everyone they could play with that they didn’t want to nap. With little sleep on my end, I couldn’t take it anymore and definitely couldn’t stay another night as we had planned.  I was starting to beat myself up about it, because that’s what I do-be ridiculously hard on myself when I don’t need to be–but my beautiful friends reminded me that the first overnight stay is really hard no matter how many kids you have.  

Everything is a trial and error and when you think you have it figured out, the kids will switch it up on you again and you’ll wanna pull your hair out again.  So take a breath and have a glass of wine then start over. All of you are doing great even when you feel you’re not. 


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