Online Mommy Group

Hey mommies, I don't know about you, but since I've had the girls I don't get out that much which has led to a horrible social anxiety. What do you mommies think about an online mommy group that meets once a week? We don't need to pack our kids up to leave. I'll be the … Continue reading Online Mommy Group


Beauty Trends

I was just scrolling through Pinterest when I see a page for "what's trending": Simple Makeup. I click on it because I'm a sucker for makeup and let me tell you, what I saw was ridiculous. At least 90% of this makeup was not simple. Simple Makeup is the bare minimum, maybe some BB cream … Continue reading Beauty Trends

Random Things That Happen During and after Pregnancy

Everyone is aware that there are some strange things that happen during pregnancy, i.e. odd cravings and mood swings. There are however, a great many other things that happen physically that I had never heard of. Welcome to My List of Random Pregnancy and Post-Partum Things that can Happen to Your Body. - We know … Continue reading Random Things That Happen During and after Pregnancy