I’m working on a few posts for this weekend. What to look forward to: Things Twin Parents are Tired of, Products to get-where to save and what to splurge on, How to find time for yourself with Twins. I came up with a new idea. I will be adding my weekly lifesavers.  This can be … More Update

Let’s Catch Up!

Since I have been away from blogging, I got pregant…with twins, got engaged, quit my second job, found out the investor of our company could no longer pay me and later found out he could no longer fund our company, my fiance created a great Patreon account, I’ve pushed forward on my book and made … More Let’s Catch Up!


A lot of people love Marylin Monroe for various reasons. Here’s mine. Aside from being absolutely beautiful and talented, she worked hard! She wanted to become an actress so she read books, studied, worked out, learned how to ride a horse in case she would ever happen to need to know how. She did what … More Perseverance


Productivity was on high this morning. The daily burn workout was great, got a load of laundry done, cleaned the bathroom, had a healthy breakfast, and then got some delicious donuts. I had a gift card and I’m not going to deprive myself, ok? Then we were off to work. We needed to make more … More Struggles


No matter what new idea comes into my head, I have to do research before I start. Researching the topic not only teaches me how to do it if I don’t know, it shows me what other people have done with it. I am used to numerous hours of research thanks to Psychology courses. When … More Research