what you actually need (and don’t need) for twins

Nothing frustrates me more than going through the girls things to get rid of things they used a couple of times, or worse, not at all.  Before any baby arrives, you think you need tons of items and some just because they’re cute. When you have twins, budgets are everything (unless you’re Beyonce).  For us, … More what you actually need (and don’t need) for twins

Busy Busy

Life has been a bit crazy with all of us girls getting stomach bugs, my love has started a new job, and we’re all adjusting.  Through all of this, we have made it to 9 months! For those of you with twins, you know what an accomplishment this is. I can’t believe how much they … More Busy Busy


I’m working on a few posts for this weekend. What to look forward to: Things Twin Parents are Tired of, Products to get-where to save and what to splurge on, How to find time for yourself with Twins. I came up with a new idea. I will be adding my weekly lifesavers.  This can be … More Update